B&R conference for Chinese, Italian enterprises held to explore co-op opportunities
15 Oct 2020


The Belt and Road (B&R) Conference of Investment Matching for Chinese and Italian Enterprises was held online on Wednesday, in a bid to further explore bilateral cooperation opportunities.


The two-day conference was joinly organized by China Economic Information Service (CEIS) of Xinhua News Agency and Class Editori, a leading media group in Italy.


During the conference, participants conducted in-depth exchanges over topics such as infrastructures and financial integration, port infrastructure as an essential pivot for Italy in the B&R construction, the B&R opportunities for Italian companies, as well as the Silk Road in emerging market.


"Over the past months, China and Italy supported each other and endured hardship in fighting against COVID-19 epidemic and tackling with the global challenges," noted Gong Xixiang, Secretary-General of Xinhua News Agency, adding that the purposes for the conference are to deepen the exchange of enterprises and promote bilateral cooperation between the two countries, and make due contributions to the world economic recovery.


According to Gong, two events have been successfully organized since 2018, which led to connection and cooperation of many enterprises with concrete results. "I hope that in this third event, we continue the process of work resumption both in China and Italy and jointly gain the economic recovery," said Gong.


"The development policy that China has implemented in the domestic market represents a great opportunity for all those, like the Italian companies, which want to take part in this system growth," according to Paolo Panerai, Editor in Chief and CEO of Class Editori.


Li Junhua, Chinese ambassador to Italy, said the B&R Initiative is injecting new impetus into the global recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, China will further ease market access for foreign investment, expand opening-up in multiple fields, reduce import tariffs, and increase imports of high-quality products. "We are confident that Italian industrial and commercial enterprises are bound to draw benefits from them," Li added.  


"With the issuance and implementation of the Foreign Investment Law, China is bound to accelerate its pace in opening-up to the world and the economic and trade cooperation between China and other countries in the world will undoubtedly be wider," said Song Wei, Deputy Director of the International Development Cooperation Institute with the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation.


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Source: Xinhua Silkroad