Interview: BRI promotes int'l growth, builds shared community for mankind -- Egyptian expert
12 Oct 2020


The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) proposed by China promotes joint efforts to build a global community forged by a common destiny, Karim al-Omda, a professor with the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, has told Xinhua.


"The BRI will contribute to the development of all the participating countries by seeking to build a society where everyone has a stake in the other," al-Omda said.


He added that developing and African countries are benefitting the most from the BRI, noting that China has constituted good relations with these countries based on mutual interests.


The Egyptian expert stressed that China "seeks to aid all the other parties by extending its experiences and its best technologies in implementing large projects in different countries, especially in the fields of communication, 5G, advanced digital technologies and mobile stations."


Al-Omda explained that the cooperation between China and the rest of the world, especially developing countries, will push global growth forward and promote world trade, which will in turn benefit the world economy.


The BRI will also enhance international diversity and multilateralism, Al-Omda said, adding that China has offered established projects for participants such as substructures, roads, airports and natural gas pipelines.


Noting that the BRI is divided into ground and maritime paths, he pointed to "the sea passages as providing the cheapest services due to the cheaper prices of the shipping logistics," which will be mirrored by reduced commodity prices.


He added that the maritime silk road could transfer giant containers from the basic routes coming from China: one going to African countries, another to the Arab Gulf states and the third going to Europe via the Suez Canal.


"The BRI and the Suez Canal are complementing each other for the benefit of world trade," he stressed.


Source: Xinhua News Agency