B.A. of International Economics and Trade Program (Taught in English)
16 Apr 2020



Program Introduction


Duration: Four years


Features of the Program

  1. Familiar with policies, rules and laws about international trade in China, and familiar with relative international conventions;

  2. Master theories and analysis methods of Economics and Management;

  3. Global view: Chinese Classroom, Multi-national Professors, Internationalized classmates;

  4. Multiple language skills: Wonderful English Skills+ Fluent Chinese Language;

  5. Various lectures related to up-to-date issues by world famous professors/ CEOs;

  6. Cultural and field trips to historic sites, corporations;

  7. Internship and Internship Visa available.


Tuition and Costs:(CNY)

Tuition: 22,000CNY/Year

Dormitory Fees: 



Intl. Building
Type Double Room Triple Room
Fee 3500CNY/Person/Semester
#8 Building
Type Double Room Triple Room
Fee 1500CNY/Person/Semester

*Public shower, kithchen and bathrooms


Scholarship Avaliable
Xi'an City One Belt One Road International Students Scholarship
Coverage of the Scholarship: Tuition
Application Deadline: JUNE 30 2020


Application Eligibilities:

Be a citizen of a country from “One Belt One Road Initiative”, and be in good health; all the "One Belt One Road" countries are based on official website. ----

*Scholarship results will be determined by applicants'overall criteria. 

Click here to get more information about the scholarship

Click here to download the scholarship application form


Application Eligibility

  1. Applicant should be under the age of 25 and in good health;

  2. Applicant should have obtained a senior high school diploma or an equivalent diploma by the time of application; 

  3. English Proficiency Requirement (Except Native Speakers): TOEFL 50 or IELTS 5.0


Application Deadline: June 30th of each year 


Application Documents
  1. Application Form for Foreign Students to NWU with signature

  2. Application Form for Xi'an City One Belt One Road International Students Scholarshipwith signature

  3. Copy of Passport Photopage

  4. Notarized highest diploma

  5. Academic transcripts

  6. Notarized Non-criminal Recored

  7. The copy of valid English proficiency Certificates

  8. Foreigner Physical Examination Form

Note:Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations.Please provide valid email address.


Application Procedure

  1. Complete online application at, print and sign the Application Form for Foreign Students to NWU;
  2. Email all the clear required E-documents to;
  3.  After internal review and evaluation, International Students Admissions office will confirm with students for online INTERVIEW;
  4. Mail all the documents to International Students Admission, School of International Education, Northwest University;School of Intl. Education will send Admission Letters and JW202 Forms for the final confirmed students.

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