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27 May 2019


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The Arab Chinese Cooperation and Development Association (ACCDA) is an independent NGO that seeks to strengthen economic and cultural relationships between Chinese and Arab communities, educational and business organizations, and public officials under the umbrella of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).



ACCDA always implements two objectives: 1) that implementing the BRI will be of strategic and pivotal significance for many years to come, and 2) that there remains a huge untapped potential for cooperation and exchange between our region and China.  ACCDA’s objective is to be a part of, and play a modest role in, this multi-dimensional process which is expected to reshape the Sino-Arab landscape for this and future generations.



As the world continues its transformation to a multi-polar system, it becomes increasingly apparent that China and the Arab states should cooperate more vigorously on issues of mutual interest in economics, technology, social and cultural development, and other fields. This is based not only on a common heritage, but also on a joint vision that international relations can, and should be, founded on mutual benefit and respect.


the successes of the economic reforms implemented by the Chinese government and communist party were also becoming evident. This served to demonstrate that the Chinese model of development was arguably more creative and flexible than other world models. Against this backdrop, the Belt and Road Initiative proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping included the following economic objectives with respect to the Arab states:

  • Coordinating development strategies and contributing to those strategies as needed and feasible and in manners that utilize each country’s comparative advantage and potential.
  • Coordinating investment projects, with a special emphasis on projects that generate mutual benefits for Chinese and Arab enterprises.
  • Enhancing cooperation in the sectors of construction, agriculture, nuclear power, telecommunications and connectivity.
  • Enhancing cooperation in trade via openness and reciprocity.
  • Promoting social development through collaborations in healthcare, education and human resources, science and technology, and environmental protection.
  • Promoting cultural exchange via broadcasting, filming, television, and the press.



ACCDA reflects the diversity of the Arab people. It is forming a Board of Trustees, Board of Advisers and Honorary Members Counsel in addition to several functional committees corresponding to our objectives. The board members include professionals in various domains, originating from various backgrounds, bringing a breadth of knowledge and expertise in a variety of fields.  They came together by their shared belief that this region stands to benefit tremendously from promoting deeper links with China.  Among our founding members are businessmen, college professors, engineers, journalists, students, civil society activists, artists, art and movie critics, and medical doctors.  


ACCDA President Kassem Tofailli is a seasoned international business consultant with over 25 years of experience in that domain gained from work with Arab, US, and Chinese business entities.  Over the last five years, he has largely focused on promoting trade between Arab and Chinese establishments in different sectors, as well as on furthering cultural and social exchange between the two regions.  His continuous engagement in the China-Arab Expo has been instrumental to the success of that cooperation platform.  Since 2013 he has been serving as consultant on trade with the Arab World for the government of the Ningxia province.   In recognition of his efforts, the government of Ningxia recently awarded him the title of “Friendship Ambassador” with the Arab and World Peoples.


ACCDA Vice President Dr. Jamil Hudaib is a Lebanese doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine who has lived, studied, and worked in China for many years. He is recognized as one of the leading doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine  in Lebanon and the region. He is also the owner and medical director of the Acupuncture Center of Lebanon, a Beirut-Based clinic of Traditional Chinese Medicine providing premium quality health care for the community for more than 30 years.



ACCDA is the member of the Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce (SRCIC) and Silk Road NGO Cooperation Network (SIRONET)


Recent Activities

ACCDA UAE &CairoTCM Conference

ACCDA’s seminar: BRI and Development in Southern Lebanon


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On Dec 10, 2017. ACCDA President Kassem Tofailli was invited to attend the second anniversary of  Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce  held in Beijing.


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On Oct 16, 2018. ACCDA Vice President Dr. Jamil Hudaib was invited to attend 2018 Silk Road Business Summit (Zhangjiajie) and deliver a speech at the TCM innovation and development international conference. He was also awarded the certificate of outstanding contribution to the international promotion of TCM in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the development of TCM.


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On June 1, 2018. The People's Daily published the article titled "the three stories of Sino-Lebanon friendship ", Adnan Kassar, the Chairman and CEO of Fransabank Group and Honorary President of SRCIC, and  Dr. Jamil Hudaib, Vice President of ACCDA , were reported.


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