Mr. Lu leads SRCIC delegation to 5th Business Conference with China and East in Israel
27 Sep 2017


Chairman Lu addresses the 5th Business Conference 


On 26 September 2017, the 5th Business Conference with China and East was held in Tel Aviv. At the invitation of ICC Israel, SRCIC delegates participated in the conference. SRCIC Chairman Lu Jiangzhong, Honorary Chairman Jemal Inaishvili, Executive Chairman Jean-Guy Carrier, CEO of DTXS International Group Ltd. David Kiang, and Deputy Secretary General Diane Bian all attended the event.


R to L: Mr. Lavie from FICC, Mr. Carrier from SRCIC, Mr. Shachor from ICC Israel and SRCIC, Mr. Vilnai from Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Inaishvili and Mr. Kiang from SRCIC.


Mr. Lu addressed the conference as a keynote speaker. In his speech Explore New Opportunities and Strive for New Development, Mr. Lu said the Belt and Road is an open and inclusive route, a route for cooperation and mutual benefit. We strengthen friendship and trust through cultural exchange, facilitate progress through cooperation, and promote peace through development. To achieve these, he proposed four suggestions for joint efforts, i.e. broader and in-depth cooperation in innovative areas, an open and growing world economy, a “Belt and Road +“ modality, and the 4-dimensional connectivity.


The business conference fitted well with China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Over 500 participants from the world business sectors discussed on issues affecting Israeli enterprises in 2017, new investment trends from China to Israel, and the macro policies and commercial environment.


The roundtable meeting between SRCIC and FICC


On 25 September, SRCIC delegates participated in the roundtable meeting organized by Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce. Mr. Lu introduced SRCIC and 2017 Silk Road Business Summit in Xian China. He extended warm welcome for the Israeli counterparts to SRCIC General Assembly in Beijing on 10 December this year.


An MOU signing between SRCIC and FICC


Right after the meeting, Mr. Zeev Lavie, Director of the International Trade Division of Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce declared the decision to join the SRCIC. He expressed the hope to work with SRCIC for resource integration, business collaboration, and shared platforms to promote Israeli hi-tech projects.