2015 China’s Culture Leading Figures Awards Ceremony  
6 Jan 2016


On 6 January, 2016, the 2015 China’s Culture Leading Figures Awards Ceremony, co-hosted by the Chinese Culture Promotion Society and Phoenix TV, and sponsored by Tang West Market Group,  was held at Tang West Market in Xi’an, the starting point of the ancient Silk Road and the demonstration site of China’s culture industry.


Wang Shi, SRCIC Honorary Chairman and Li Zhonghang, SRCIC Secretary-General attended the grand event and presented the awards to the scholar Wen Huaisha and the musician Fei Mingyi.


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Wang Shi, Honorary Chairman of SRCIC presents the award to the scholar Wen Huaisha (Wen’s relatives accepted the award in his place)


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Li Zhonghang, Secretary-General of the SRCIC, Wang Liping, member of the China Culture Research Institute and

He Chaoming, Consulting Committee member of the Chinese Culture Promotion Society together presents the award to the musician Fei Mingyi.


Shan Jixiang, Director of the Palace Museum, Chen Peisi, a famous comedian, Wen Huaisha, a scholar aged 105, Li Zhengdao, a Nobel Laureates (Physics), Fei Mingyi, a musician, Nima Zeren, a Tibetan painter, Tian Jiaqing, a wood artist, Wang Peiyu, a Peking Opera artist, Yan An, an activist and Zhou Gongxi, former director of the National Palace Museum were presented the awards.


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2015 Prizewinners


In addition, the event set a session to recall those who passed away in 2015, including the philosopher Pang Pu, the Pingshu artist Yuan Kuocheng, the photographer LV Houmin, the director Xie Tieli, the artist Zhu Lin, the translator Cao Ying and the educationalist Wang Guangya.


As the first event in China in memory of the leaders in Chinese culture industry, China’s Culture Leading Figures insists to extend the respect to the cultural leaders by organizing award ceremonies. Over the past seven years, around one hundred Chinese cultural leaders won applause from Chinese all over the world.