CBN interview in Moscow: Mr.Sytnyk and his E-Silk Road
29 Mar 2018



SRCIC Information Committee Member and Chairman of Ukrainian-Chinese Friendship Association Oleg Sytnyk was interviewed by China Business Network (CBN) on 22 March 2018 in Moscow. Mr. Sytnyk said, “The Belt and Road Initiative is not only China’s appeal for building an open world economic system, but also China’s way of making a multilateral, balancing and sustainable world development. The Initiative also has positive effects enhancing regional cooperation and international communication.”


Mr. Sytnyk introduced the e-Silkroad project that he is working on. As an open and free cooperation platform, the e-Silkroad will become an important communication channel among international enterprises and make great contribution to the international trade development of the world.



A few weeks ago, Mr. Sytnyk visited Croatia and met with Mr.Luka Burilovic, president of Croatian Chamber of Economy (CCE) in Zagreb. He had an in-depth discussionwith Mr. Burilovic about the e-Silkroad project cooperation and invited CCE to join SRCIC.


The interview video: