Silk Road Urban Alliance

Silk Road Urban Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the Urban Alliance), jointly initiated by Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce and China Association for Friendship, is a thematic working mechanism dedicated to cooperation and development among cities of the Belt and Road countries and regions.

Cities, as the symbol of modern civilization, are the center of economy, politics, science and technology, culture and education. Throughout history, a country's industrialization and modernization are also manifested by its process of urbanization. Cities play a vital role in national economy and social development. Looking into the future, cities will be of more significance in promoting human material and spiritual civilizations in the context of economic globalization and technological advance. The role of cities will be more prominent in leading industrialization, informationization and modernization. Silk Road Urban Alliance aims to strengthen cultural exchanges and trade cooperation among its members under the Belt and Road Initiative. By providing a pragmatic platform, the Urban Alliance enables its members to share their experience in city governance, so as to better seize the opportunities and address the challenges in city development. The Urban Alliance adopts rotating chairmanship and SRCIC Secretariat assumes the duty of daily liaison.



Mr. Alvis Lai, Director of No.1 Department of Membership Center, SRCIC Secretariat, Email: 

Ms. Marina Gai, Director of No.2 Department of Membership Center, SRCIC Secretariat,


Currently, the Urban Alliance has 58 member cities, the list of the cities is as follows:

  1. The City of Nablus
  2. The City of Athens, Greece
  3. Ternopil Regional State, Ukraine
  4. Sumy Regional State, Ukraine
  5. The City of Truskavets, Ukraine
  6. The City of Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine
  7. Al-Fayhaa Union of Municipalities, Lebanon
  8. The City of Vinica, North Macedonia
  9. The City of Botevgrad, Bulgaria
  10. Longreach Regional Council, Australia   
  11. The City of Delcevo,North Macedonia
  12. Ternopil City Council, Ukraine
  13. The City of Zadar,Croatia
  14. Municipality of Krapinske Toplice,Croatia
  15. Fastiv City Council,Ukraine
  16. Vynnyky City Council,Ukraine
  17. Uzhhorod City Council,Ukraine
  18. Buchachskyi Town Council,Ukraine
  19. Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskiy City Council,Ukraine
  20. City of Guliston,Tajikistan
  21. Middle Shabelle Province, HirShabelle State of Somalia
  22. The City of Montagnana,Italy
  23. The City of Valeggio Sul Mincio,Italy
  24. The City of Asolo,Italy
  25. The City of Villafranca Veronese,Italy
  26. The City of Cittadella,Italy
  27. Tashkent Region,Uzbekistan
  28. Bukhara Region,Uzbekistan
  29. Samarqand Region,Uzbekistan
  30. Qashqadaryo Region,Uzbekistan
  31. The City of Tashkent,Uzbekistan
  32. Shevchenkivsky District State, Administration of Kyiv City, Ukraine
  33. The City of Gorna Malina,Bulgaria
  34. The City of Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic
  35. Cherkasy City Council, Ukraine
  36. The City of Khujand, Tajikistan
  37. The City of Bernalda, Italy
  38. Ukmergé District Municipality,Lithuania
  39. The City of Fényeslitke,Hungary
  40. Siem Reap Province, Kingdom of Cambodia
  41. Star City, Russia
  42. The City of Shymkent, Kazakhstan
  43. The City of Criuleni,Moldova
  44. The City of Edinet, Moldova
  45. Drochia,The Republic of Moldova
  46. Aral District,The Republic of Kazakhstan
  47. The City of Kirovsk, Russia
  48. The City of Chetrosu, Moldova
  49. Kakheti Region, Georgia
  50. The City of Pag, Croatia
  51. The City of Astana, Kazakhstan
  52. The City of Zhangjiajie, China
  53. The City of Hanzhong, China
  54. The City of Gongyi, China
  55. The City of Loudi, China
  56. The City of Guilin, China
  57. The City of Qinhuangdao, China
  58. Budhanilkantha Municipality, Nepal