Chairman Lu addresses EU-Eurasia-China Business Summit
12 Oct 2017


Co-organized by The Economist and Greek Eurasian Business Council, the EU-Eurasia-China Business Summit was successfully held on 9-10 October 2017 in Athens.



The Summit is being held in Athens, Greece


500 participants from more than 20 countries attended the meeting, including delegates from EU, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and other international business and financial organizations. The topics for discussion were related to the theme, Building Bridges from East to West, and the cooperation in the framework of the Belt and Road construction was explored.


Greek President Prokopios Pavlopoulos addresses the opening.


The Greek President Pavlopoulos stated in his opening speech, “Greece attaches great importance to the Belt and Road Initiative, which is rooted in the ancient Chinese philosophy and the historical Silk Road, linking many countries and peoples by both the maritime Silk Road and the land rout. It is of new significance for the infrastructure and trade development, and for the economic integration in the regions.”


Mr. Lu Jianzhong delivers his keynote speech


SRCIC Chairman Lu Jianzhong made his keynote speech Bridging the West and East for Joint Cooperation in the Belt and Road Development at the Summit. Mr. Lu said, “Greece has significant geographical advantages and natural resources in construction of the Belt and Road. It’s a natural bridge connecting Europe, Asia, and Africa. SRCIC sees the big potential for investment and development in Greece, and is ready to assist with Greek economic recovery by internationalizing its energy, transportation, and tourism.”   


He also suggested the improvement of international business rules and standards, building channels for trade flows, using the Silk Road online for connectivity, setting up platforms for pragmatic cooperation, for financing, and for cultural and people exchanges.


Mr. Lu meets Greek President Pavlopoulos


In a series of high level meetings, Mr. Lu met with Greek President Prokopios Pavlopoulos, Greek Minister of Tourism Elena Kountoura, Deputy Minister of Economy and Development Stergios Pitsiorlas. The talks between them made it possible for the cooperation in trade, tourism, and other sectors.



Mr. Lu meets Ms. Kountoura


Mr. Lu meets Mr. Pitsiorlas


During the Greek visit, Mr. Lu and his colleagues also had meetings with Chinese Ambassador to Greece Mr. Zou Xiaoli, and with Deputy Major of Athens Mr. Alexandros M. Modiano. The exchange of ideas was informative and friendly.


 Mr. Lu and Mr. Zou at the Chinese Embassy in Greece


A SRCIC souvenir to Deputy Major of Athens


SRCIC delegation at the Summit comprised Honorary Chairman Jemal Inaishvili, Executive Chairman Jean-Guy Carrier, Vice Chairman and ICC-Hellas President Nicolas Vernicos, and Chair of Finance Committee and President of Tang West Market International Group David Kiang. They participated in the EU-Eurasia-China Business Summit and joined the discussion in different sessions.


Mr. Inaishvili speaks on EU, Eurasian Region and China: Strengthening Ties


 Mr. Carrier and Mr. Vernicos speak on Reviving the Silk Road:

Exploring Beijing's One Belt One Road Initiative


 Mr. Kiang speaks on the significance of the One Belt One Road Initiative 

in building bridges from east to west


At the Summit, SRCIC signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Greek Eurasian Business Council, and the agreement for Athens to join the Silk Road Urban Alliance.


SRCIC Secretary General Li Zhonghang and Chairman of Greek Eurasian Business Council Spyros KOUVELIS at the agreement signing



Deputy Mayor of Athens Eva Kontostathakou and SRCIC Executive Chairman Jean-Guy Carrier at the agreement singing 


Source: partially from Xinhua News Agency