B.S. of E-Information Science and Technology Program(English Taught)
17 Apr 2020




Bachelor of Science 

 E-Information Science and Technology

Taught in English

NWU(China) and Essex(UK) Joint Collaborative Program


Features of the Program

★English Taught program

★Joint Collaborative Program by NWU(China) &Essex(UK)

★Internationalized curriculum

★36% core courses by University of Essex

★Professional knowledge and multiple language skills

★International market needs based


Main Courses

1.Group projects and practices

2.Digital System Design

3.Computer Security

4.Basic Network Knowledge

5.Fundamental Communication Knowledge

6.Advanced Embedded System Design

7.Advanced Logic System

8.Engineering Electro-magnetics

9.C Language Program Design and Embedded System

10.Digital Electronic System

11.Analog Circuit Design/Signal and System


Degree and Credit Requirements

Duration: Four years


Degree: NWU Bachelor of Science

Tuition: 23000RMB/Year


Scholarship Available

Xi'an City One Belt One Road International Students Scholarship


Coverage of the scholarship: Tuition

Application Deadline: JUNE 30 2020


*Scholarship results will be determined by applicants'overall criteria. 

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Application Deadline: 30th June 2020
Application Requirements

1. Applicant should be above 18 and under the age of 25, in good health;

2. Non-Chinese Citizens;

3. Applicant should have obtained a senior high school diploma or an equivalent diploma by the time of application;

4. Applicant should have a mastery of English language skills equal to TOEFL 50 or IELTS 5.0;

5. Applicant with Chinese language proficiency background is highly preferred.


Application documents

1. Photocopy of passport and 2 passport-sized photos;

2.Photocopy of High school graduation certificate, this year's graduates can provide proof of graduation when apply (either in English or Chinese);

3. Photocopy of High school transcripts;

4. Photocopy of Chinese Language Proficiency Certificate;

5. Photocopy of English proficiency test (TOEFL or IELTS) transcripts;

6. Some students may be required to provide non-criminal record;

7. Application Form for Xi'an City One Belt One Road International  Students Scholarship with signature.


Note: The application materials will not be returned disregard to successful admission or not. Certificates other than in Chinese or English language must be translated to Chinese or English by a legitimate notary authority.


Application Procedure
1. Complete online application at, print and sign the Application Form for Foreign Students to NWU
2. Email all the clear E-documents to
3. After internal review and evaluation, NWU will confirm with the short listed students for final approval

4. Mail all the documents to International Students Admission, School of International Education, Northwest University


Brief Introduction of Essex Faculty




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