SRCIC Road Show in Palestine
30 Sep 2017


On 28 September 2017,the Palestinian President Mahoud Abbas met with Chairman Lu during the SRCIC road show in Palestine. President Abbas said Palestine is ready to be part of the Belt and Road construction and to make proactive efforts in the related areas. Mr. Lu expressed deep gratitude for the Palestinian participation in the grand Initiative and stressed the SRCIC role in promoting the cooperation in trade, investment, and infrastructure.



President Abbas meets with Mr. Lu


The SRCIC delegation worked on a very tight schedule in Palestine. They held a meeting with the Palestinian Minister of Economy Ms. Abeer Odeh and discussed Chinese investment to Palestine, infrastructure construction and industrial parks. And they met with Dr. Mohammad Shtayyeh, President of Palestinian Economic Council for Development and Reconstruction. The discussion topics covered cooperation of communication, solar energy development, agriculture, tourism, real estate and construction in the Belt and Road Initiative. Mr. Lu responded that SRCIC would use its platforms to promote bilateral and multilateral cooperation in the above sectors among SRCIC member chambers and organizations. A high-end tourism project to Palestine was one of the interesting business proposals in the discussion.  


SRCIC delegation meeting with Ms. Abeer Odeh


Mr. Inaishvili signs an agreement for FPCC to join SRCIC


Also on the same day, SRCIC delegates attended the roundtable meeting organized by the Palestinian counterparts. SRCIC Executive Chairman Jean-Guy Carrier introduced the professional committees SRCIC had set up and both sides agreed on close collaboration in the future by signing the agreement. SRCIC Honorary Chairman and President of Confederation of Asian-Pacific Chambers of Commerce and Industry Jemal Inaishvili signed the agreement to make the Federation of Palestinian Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture a SRCIC new member. And President of Tang West Market International Group and Chair of Finance Committee David Kiang signed the MoU with Association of Banks in Palestine on cooperation of Silk Road International Development Fund.


Mr. Lu presents membership certificate to Mayer of Nablus Mr. Adly Yaish


The SRCIC road show in Palestine was kindly supported by Chariman of ICC Palestine and Vice Chairman of SRCIC Mr. Munib Masri. A welcome ceremony was held by Mr. Masri and his colleagues on 27 September for the SRCIC delegation. Mayor of Nablus City signed the agreement to become a Silk Road Urban Alliance member within SRCIC on the occasion.


Mr. Lu and Mr. Maher Natsheh, Acting President of An-Najah National University


Mr. Lu, Mr. Masri and President Imad Abu Kishek of Al-Quds University


SRCIC Executive Chairman Mr. Carrier signs MoU with Mr. Imad Abu Kishek


Also during the roadshow, accompanied by Mr. Masri, SRCIC delegation visited An-Najah National University and Al-Quds University. The meetings were friendly for the understanding on both sides and Mr. Jean-Paul Carrier as Chair of SRCIC Culture Committee signed the MoU with the universities for further interaction.


With all the achievements and unforgettable highlights, SRCIC delegation ended their rewarding road show in Palestine and flew back to China on 30 September.


Source: partially from Xinhua News Agency