Silk Road Enterprise Development Alliance



Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce (SRCIC) is a transnational business confederation composed of national commercial associations of the Silk Road countries. Currently SRCIC has over 129 organizational members from 77 countries, including state-level organizations and millions of affiliated enterprises, forming a community of shared interests, shared responsibilities and a shared future.


Silk Road Enterprise Development Alliance (SREDA) is aimed at facilitating services among enterprises of various sectors in regions and countries along the Belt & Road to forge an international platform for opportunity sharing, mutual benefit, and mutual development.


SREDA is providing abundant business opportunities by integrating resources locally and worldwide with a strong focus on fields including international trade, finance, culture, tourism, transportation and logistics, energy, industrial parks, information and technology, etc.


SREDA Objectives

Innovating cooperation and exchange mechanisms, building a silk road trading platform, and jointly sharing development dividends.

Each SREDA member is rewarded with:

  • Sharing industry resources and cutting-edge information;
  • Connecting with commercial chambers in different countries;
  • Access to enterprise leadership networking platforms;
  • Opportunities for industry exchange and business training;
  • Business travel service in SRCIC member countries;
  • Customized “business secretary” services;
  • International exhibition and activity planning and organization;
  • Advertising service from mainstream media worldwide;
  • Official website promotion from SRCIC and its member associations;
  • Partnership matchmaking;
  • Recommendation on project demonstration organization (Think Tank) Public relation facilitation between governments and enterprises.


SREDA Events

  • Bulgaria-Turkey Business Tour(19-29 Nov. 2018)


  • International Symposium on the Belt and Road (May 2018)



In order to enhance the reputation and influence of the SREDA, pool effective industry resources, deepen all-round cooperation, and strengthen service quality of SREDA for all the SREDA members, the following requirements for SREDA memebership are listed for SREDA applicants:


  • Annual revenue of previous year exceeding 1.6 million USD;
  • Intention to expand their business in Belt & Road regions and countries


Enterprises fulfilling these qualifications are cordially invited to join the SREDA without fees, and can expect more additional welfare to be available.  


Welcome to join us! Please fill the application form and email to