Briefing of Xi'an Silk Road Business Summit and SRCIC Cooperation and Development Conference
22 Sep 2016

Three years after the China’s Land and Maritime Silk Road Initiative announced to the world, and one day after 2016 G20 & B20 held in Hangzhou, on 6 - 7 September 2016, Xi’an Silk Road Business Summit and SRCIC Cooperation and Development Conference, co-sponsored by CCOIC, SRCIC, and CCPIT Shaanxi, was successfully held in Xi'an Tang West Market, the starting point of the Silk Road in Sui and Tang Dynasties. A three-month planning and preparation have enabled the event to be one of great achievements. The Summit and Conference have had a substantial influence both in China and the world through extensive media coverage, gaining warm responses from all sectors.


1. Participations and Theme

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 Opening Ceremony


Over 500 participants from 52 countries along the Belt and Road, including Poland, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Italy, Russia, Pakistan and Turkey, attended the Summit and Conference, together with government officials, diplomats, chairmen of commercial chambers and federations, representatives from international organizations and museum curators from different countries, and business leaders in China as well, for the promotion of trade development and economic prosperity under the Belt and Road. 


2. Opening Ceremony

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 Mr. Wang Zhengwei, Vice Chairman of National Committee of CPPCC


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 Mr. Wang Jinzhen, Vice Chairman of CCPIT


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 Mr. Hu Heping, Governor of Shaanxi Province


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 Mr. Zhou Bohua, Director of CPPCC


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 Mr. Liu Changle, President of Phoenix Satellite Television


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 Mr. Hamid Rashid, Chief of UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs


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 Vice Governor Madam Wang Lixia met with Chamber Chairs


Mr. Wang Zhengwei, Vice Chairman of National Committee of CPPCC, attended and declared the Summit open. Speeches were made by Mr. Wang Jinzhen, Vice-Chairman of CCPIT, Mr. Hu Heping, Governor of Shaanxi Province, Mr. Zhou Bohua, Director of CPPCC, Mr. Liu Changle, President of Phoenix Satellite Television, and Mr. Hamid Rashid, Chief of UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs.


Keynote speeches were made by Shao Hui, Chairman, Petrochina Investment Group Co., Ltd, Professor Daniel Warner, Senior Advisory Board, Crans Montana Forum, Mr. Zhu Xianzhong, President, Hua Rong Securities and Mr. Harvey Dzodin, Senior Advisor, Silk Road Cities Alliance.


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Georgian Prime Minister George Kvirikashvili sent in his congratulation video message. Under-Secretary-General Shamshad Akhtar of the United Nations, Russian First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, Hong Kong SAR Chief Executive Officer C Y Leung sent letters of congratulations. In addition, World Chambers Federation, Slovakia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Palestine International Chamber of Commerce, and a few more organizations sent in letters of congratulations for the meeting opening.


3. Meeting Composition

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 Mr. Lu Jianzhong, Chairman of SRCIC


Based on the theme of Strengthening Business Cooperation and Promoting Silk Road Connectivity, the conference was composed of the opening ceremony, keynote speeches, five main forums, three recommendation meetings, two concurrent meetings and nine exhibitions. Participants have provided many suggestions and advices for international trade, funds, culture and city cooperation to make the Summit and Conference constructive and pragmatic.


4. Professional Committees


A new cooperative mechanism has been formulated by five professional committees of trade, finance, culture, transportation and energy, which will stimulate investment and partnership among member chambers, and help improve international trade rules.


5. Framework Agreements

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Two intent documents were signed by 59 representatives of SRCIC national chambers, associations and international organizations. They are Framework Agreement on Jointly Establishing A Mechanism and Platform for International Industry and Commerce Cooperation and Jointly Establishing Silk Road International Development Fund. The agreements stated the construction of eSilkRoad, Silk Road International Development Fund, Silk Road Think Tank Association, Silk Road Trade Expo Park, Silk Road International Commodity Exchanges, GrandBeauty International Cultural Art Trading Center, and a few more pragmatic cooperation projects as business platforms for SRCIC members.


6. Business Presentation

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Mr. Lu Jian, Deputy Mayor of Xi’an City


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 Mr. Huang Xiaohua, Deputy Secretary General of Xian Government


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 Mr. Qiang Xiaoan, Director of Xian Development and Reform Commission


The attendees presented projects in international investments in the countries they came from, accompanied by relevant discussions and negotiations.  Xi’an Municipal Government made an introduction of marketing and investment environments and major projects. The first Silk Road Tea and Wine Fair and Georgian special wine recommendation and exhibition also took place. The splendid business presentations received very good feedback.


7. Museum Association

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 Mr. Wang Shi, Chair, Chinese Culture Promotion Society


The First Conference of the Silk Road International Association of Museums was planned and held by 59 museum curators from 19 provinces and cities of 14 countries along the Silk Road. Over a hundred people attended the meeting. Participants included representative from UNESCO and leaders of the heritage preservation and museums both in China and overseas.  The Association also issued 2016 Xi’an Declaration for joining forces in exploring new modes for economic cooperation and cultural exchanges between the Belt and Road countries and promoting the museum undertaking to develop in more than one dimension.


8. Online Silk Road

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 Mr. Shen Guofang, former China Ambassador to UN


The eSilkRoad platform had its official inauguration during the meeting and created a record sale of 300 thousand bottles of Georgian wine in an hour. At the diplomats session, Silk Road and One Country One Commodity discussion was around Online Silk Road by government officials and diplomats from over 20 countries along the Silk Road.  Major projects and products from their home countries were being recommended.


9. Xi'an Declaration


2016 Xi’an Declaration was read out at the meeting to promote international trade development and regional communication and cooperation. It was pointed that construction of the Belt and Road requires not only the participation and joint efforts from government sectors, but also the response from social aspects and from NGOs. The trinity of the government, society and enterprises is an effective political structure for the current global governance. SRCIC will continue to fulfill its responsibility to co-construct the world economy of innovation, vitality, interconnection and inclusiveness. SRCIC will spare no effort to become a bridge and tie between the government and its members for common business interests.


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10. Strong Impact


The Summit and Conference have obtained positive comments from the participants for its inspiring topics and compact activities. The high-end event, with its international involvement and fruitful achievements, has received extensive attention from China’s top media and the world media coverage.


The report by Xinhua News has been published in different languages by different presses. CCTV News, CCTV Evening News, CCTV News Alive, CCTV Morning News had more than five reports and CCTV English News alone covered the report three times. Newspaper articles about the Summit and Conference are carried by People’s Daily, China News Agency, Xinhua Daily Telegraph, People's Daily Overseas Edition. Hong Kong Phoenix Satellite TV, and Xinhua Net, China News Service Network, Phoenix Net and CRI Online all gave prominent coverage of the news, and also the local newspapers.


Internationally, Philippines Business Daily used two full pages to cover the event, and Russian Satellite Network and Sino Russian Information Network all gave the reports. The estimate shows the number of reports up to almost one thousand by more than one hundred news media.


11. Conclusion

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The participants agree that the Summit and Conference serve as a good booster in the communication and interconnectivity among the Silk Road countries, an important push towards the pragmatic cooperation of the Belt and Road countries. Proposals were made right at the meeting by countries ready to be the sponsors of the 2017 conference. SRCIC’s project initiatives have been welcomed by international business leaders. Russia, Turkey, the Philippines, Mongolia and Ukraine are the member countries to take in the road shows by SRCIC and their government heads will be invited to attend the events.


SRCIC will continue staying true to its mission and moving on with its member chambers in seeking business opportunities, in matching up projects and investment, and in cultural exchanges.



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