Chairman's Speech at Georgia Road Show - Joint Efforts with the Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce for Better International Cooperation along the New Silk Road
6 Apr 2016

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Joint Efforts with the Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce for Better International Cooperation along the New Silk Road


Distinguished Vice Minister, Ms. Ketevan Bochorishvili,

Distinguished President Jemal Inaishvili,

Ladies, gentlemen, and friends!


First of all, on behalf of all members and 36 founding states of Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce, I would like to express our sincere gratitude and warm welcome to government officials, distinguished guests from trade institutions, financial institutions, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, cultural institutions and the media, and to the ambassador and counsellors from Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Georgia. Thank you for your support and your presence at this road show. My sincere gratitude also goes to Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for their thorough preparation of the road show, especially to Mr. Jemal Inaishvili, who, as the honorary chairman of the SRCIC, has made great dedication to the pioneering work of the SRCIC. His remarkable achievements and contribution has inspired deep admiration from us.


Jointly Building "Silk Road Economic Belt" and "21st-Century Maritime Silk Road" was initiated by China, however, the abundant opportunities for development it offers await and belong to the globe. The "Belt and Road" initiatives are a response to and fostered by the expectations for better international cooperation and joint development from peoples of Asia, Europe and Africa. It sets up an inclusive platform for cooperation, enabling a new model of mutual benefit, win-win, and non-zero sum.


The Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce spares no effort in building the most influential platform for international trade cooperation and cultural exchange along the Silk Road. Along the course, we aim to forge a platform to promote projects and improve the communication among non-governmental chambers of commerce, which are essential in the construction of the new Silk Road. The Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce, though founded less than a year ago, has 36 founding members. They are chambers of commerce from different countries. And millions of enterprises along the Silk Road are expected to join in. Recently, we had the honour in welcoming Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, among many others, to join the SRCIC. We expect by the end of this year, more than 60 chambers of commerce from the Belt and Road countries and the SRCIC will join each other.


The Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce has brought together the resources and strengths of its member states and accomplished a grand platform that boosts collaborations in productivity and projects, and improves international cultural exchange. We uphold the principles of openness, equity and fairness, and adhere to joint discussion, joint development and sharing resources, so that win-win, multi-win and all-win can be realized. We are resolved to contribute to Georgia in the development of business and cultural exchange, and promote the Belt and Road with combined efforts from Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry among others. This year, the SRCIC is to set up three committees, namely Finance Committee, Trade Committee and Culture Committee. In addition, on the basis of the eSilkRoad, it sets out to build four platforms, which are eSilk (business social network and consulting platform) , International Commerce Platform, Cross-border Investment and Financial Platform, and Culture Exchange Platform. On these platforms, members are provided with value-added services like cross-border e-commerce and cross-border payment and settlement. Together, they form an all-round, one-stop platform that facilitates and promotes international trade, finance and investment, information and culture exchange. In result, practical cooperation on productivity, finance, resources and talents will be enhanced. And it's a huge leap to attaining clear channels of communication on policy making, infrastructure, trade and investment, financing and banking, and between peoples. The SRCIC has established the Silk Road Think Tank by bringing together chairs of member chambers, business leaders, experts and scholars, and think tanks from its member states. It caters to the members with macro information about policies, trade, society and culture. Analysis on macro-environment can also be provided in written reports to member states as guidance and reference in their decision making concerning investment and commercial operations in different nations. Furthermore, the SRCIC has set up the Silk Road International Development Fund. It works in a mutually reinforcing way with the Think Tank and provides, on a micro level, feasibility reports and financial supports on projects. The Silk Road International Development Fund endeavours to coordinate with governments and private capital, integrate global resources, deepen regional cooperation and expand the field of cooperation. Thus, the implementation of projects can be accelerated, resource and capacity allocation improved, efficiency of communication increased. Thus the cooperation turns out more fruitful.


Ladies, gentlemen, and friends!


Georgia is an essential stop on the ancient Silk Road and the modern Euro-Asia Economic Corridor. It is jewelled with a history spanning more than 3000 years and grand prosperous civilization. Georgian are an industrious and conscientious, compassionate and intellectual people. Georgia is home to rich natural resources, and enjoys picturesque landscapes. It is commonly recognized as the birthplace of grape wine and a renowned tourist resort. It enjoys the reputation as "God's Garden". In the twelfth century, the great Georgian poet, Rustaveli wrote in Vepkhistqaosani (The Knight in the Panther's Skin) about Zhang Qian on his diplomatic mission to the west. That was the beginning of the communication between the east and the west. In the suburban area of Gori sits Uplistsikhe (Cave Town). There still remain monuments of the ancient Silk Road, among which are stone inscription and frescoes. They depict the busy and prosperous scenes on the ancient Silk Road, a record of the friendship and exchange between the east and the west in the long history.


Georgia sits on the intersection of the Eurasian continent and is transforming into a hub that connects Europe and Asia. It inherits the long history of the ancient Silk Road and embraces the business opportunities presented by the new Silk Road. This is exactly why we, without any hesitation, chose Georgia as the first stop of the Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce road show tour. Now, Georgia in the 21st century has achieved laudable success in its cooperation with countries along the Silk Road, which opens a new chapter and sets a new diplomatic model. Not only does it echo the Silk Road Spirit -- "peace and cooperation, openness and inclusiveness, mutual learning and mutual benefit" -- it also proves the momentum of friendly exchange and mutual benefit in the international community.


On January the 22nd, 2016, the Prime Minister of Georgia, Mr. Giorgi Kvirikashvili said at the World Economic Forum (Davos), that the "Belt and Road" initiative brings new momentum for developing economic ties on the Eurasian continent. "Indeed, Europe needs dynamism from China and Asian countries, and vice versa, Asia needs new technologies and know-how from Europe," said Kvirikashvili. "I think it increases economic dynamism on the whole Eurasia continent ... and it is a project more of partnership than competition,"


Ladies, gentlemen, and friends!


On June the 24th, we will hold "the Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce 2016 Beijing Summit" in Beijing. On December the 10th, we will host "the Second Silk Road International Investment Forum" in Hong Kong. I invite you all to join us. Your presence will be highly appreciated and leave notable marks on this grand composition.


In China, we have a well-known saying that unity makes strength, which echoes the Georgian proverb "Dzala ertobashia"(Strength in Unity). The ancient Silk Road represents magnificent civilization and booming trade, which was the result of unified efforts of brave and exploring peoples from different countries. The new Silk Road needs unified efforts and cooperation of our peoples as well. I call upon the business and political leaders and entrepreneurs present today, to join us in the great cause and build the Belt and Road. Let's unleash the power of the SRCIC as an alliance of loyal friends. Let's gain the head start and new advantages that put us in the leading position in international cooperation and competition. Together we can push forward the joint projects the SRCIC proposes. Together we will bring the trade and transactions, economic integration and cultural exchange among Silk Road countries to a new and higher level!


Thank you very much!