Thank You Speech to SRIIF Attendees by Mr. Lu Jianzhong
15 Dec 2015

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Thank You Speech to SRIIF Attendees by Mr. Lu Jianzhong


Dear members of Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce (SRCIC):


Warm greetings to all!


First of all, as the Chairman of Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce, I would like to extend my sincere and warm welcome to you for attending the First Silk Road International Investment Forum (SRIIF) and Inaugural Ceremony of Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce. We are here to promote the business cooperation and cultural communication along the new Silk Road, and contribute to the outlook of the practical cooperation announced by Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce.


Now, faced with an increasingly complex economic landscape, more emphasis are cast upon the twin issues of peace and development by all countries. In the spotlight of international business community stand the opportunities in joint construction of the Silk Road. In this context, we gather in Hong Kong to witness the establishment of Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce, a non-profit, non-political international business organization. The SRCIC aims to promote development and communication of business and cultural along the Silk Road, focuses on business projects and provides its members with value-adding services. It upholds the principles of joint discussion, joint construction and sharing resources, and carries on the Silk Road Spirit, “peace and cooperation, openness and inclusiveness, mutual learning and mutual benefit”. The ultimate goal is a coordinated and sustainable development and cooperation within and beyond the Belt and Road region.


I feel honored and humbled to be elected as the Chairman of Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce. Thank you for the trust you place in me. It is the encouragement and motivation for me. I am proud and honored to work with business elites, especially the Honorary Chair, Executive Chair and Deputy Chair. You are renowned for your professionalism and achievements in the business community. You enjoy great reputation and cast great personal influence both domestically and globally. With you joining the SRCIC as part of the leadership, it lays concrete foundation for the SRCIC to develop and promote practical cooperation on its way to higher achievements. With your firm and full support, my confidence and expectations for the future of the SRCIC grow stronger than ever. It is my firm belief that the leadership of Honorary Chair and the support from presidents of chambers will lead the SRCIC to evident and positive progression. Our next step is to recruit more national chambers and international enterprises and institutes to enlarge our membership, so that we can enjoy better reputation and influence in the international community and make noticeable contributions to the rejuvenation of Silk Road. At the same time, we will spare no effort in providing value-adding services to all member organizations.


There is an old saying in China that goes “only death stops my dedication”. As the Chairman of the SRCIC, I will up hold this spirit in my service and dedication to our cause. I will work with all staff in implementing every resolution in Hong Kong Declaration announced on Dec. 10. We will spare no effort in the annual Silk Road International Investment Forum, eSilkRoad and Silk Road Think Tank Association. Through joint efforts, the SRCIC will set up headquarters in Hong Kong, Chinese mainland or other suitable regions, and provide office area of 150 - 200 square meters (1500 - 2000 square feet) to its member chambers and institutes. At the same time, the SRCIC will set up its own database and follow the trend of Internet Plus in providing its members a big data platform as their own Internet portals.

Dear colleagues, thank you again for your trust and support. Let’s make new contributions to the development and prosperity of the Silk Road with joint efforts.


I wish you a happy new year.