Bulgaria and Turkey Business Travel: A 10-day In-depth Tour for Business and Culture
19 Nov 2018


As an international organization with certain influence in the industrial and commercial circles of the Belt and Road countries, SRCIC, as the sponsor of this event, will organize enterprises to visit Bulgaria-Turkey and attend relevant economic and trade supporting activities in order to promote the implementation of the Belt and Road, drive more enterprises of China to “go global” and share the numerous international resources and business opportunities brought by SRCIC platform.


  • Visiting Turkish CALIK Holding Group;
  • The 32nd CACCI Conference;
  • Wine tasting tour;
  • Face-to-face meeting with the former Deputy Prime Minister of Bulgaria Mr. Aleksandar Tomov.



November 19-November 29


  • Cultural Tourism Investigation-Explore the scenery of Bulgaria and Turkey and experience their unique customs;
  • Trade Investigation-Visit local enterprises and business centers, and connect with first-line economic and trade resources;
  • B2B Connectivity-To talk with local companies face-to-face about cooperation;
  • Project Investigation-To investigate investment projects recommended by CACCI and TOBB;
  • Quality Accommodation-Five-star hotel accommodation throughout the conference;
  • Business Services-To provide translation, arrange business consultation and other exclusive business butler services throughout the conference.



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