Interview: China offers world new path to modernization, says scholar
31 May 2023


ISTANBUL, May 30 (Xinhua) -- China has achieved success on multiple fronts of national development, providing the world with a new path to modernization, a prominent Turkish scholar on international relations has said.


China is making progress "not only in the field of technology or of social development but in almost all fields," Huseyin Bagci, an academic with the Ankara-based Middle East Technical University and president of the Turkish Foreign Policy Institute, told Xinhua in a recent interview.


Significant progress has been achieved in human rights, poverty alleviation, education, social security, health, and national unity, Bagci said, highlighting China's outstanding achievements in promoting human rights by eradicating absolute poverty, protecting people's rights, and expanding education and health services.


Bagci believes China is providing the world with an alternative path to modernization that differs from that of the Western world, which is unprecedented in world history.


The scholar also saluted China's outstanding contributions to developing countries' modernization by providing ample funding and credits.


"Many countries, of course, in Africa, Asia and Latin America, they look to China as a dynamic, external factor for modernization, because China provides a lot of credits, infrastructural help," Bagci said, citing various fields ranging from education to health and agriculture as core areas of cooperation between China and other developing countries.

Source: Xinhua