Forthcoming book: China for SMEs Essential Elements of Success
12 Apr 2021


Mr. Daryl Guppy, SRCIC member and Chairman of Australia China Business Council (ACBC), will release his new book China for SMEs Essential Elements of Success. He is also the founder and CEO of, an international financial market education and training organisation with offices in Darwin, Singapore and Beijing.


As China grows in importance to companies around the world, it is vital for companies to understand the Chinese business culture. This book is an essential read for anyone serious about successful business in modern China. Mr. Daryl Guppy outlines the crucial ingredients for success, culled from more than 20 years of experience in China business, official meetings and government advisory.




"If you want to do business in China, this book is an absolute must. Nobody I know understands China and the Chinese people as well as Daryl Guppy. His knowledge and insights are built on his decades of business experience, his wide networks and friendships. I strongly recommend this book for anyone currently doing business, studying business or wanting to do business with China."


John Brumby
Former Premier of Victoria, Australia and 
National President of the Australia China Business Council 2014–2019


"Guppy's great skill is to eschew the usual cliches and urban myths about doing business in China. Instead, he emphasises the background work required to know your customer, know your market, know the diversity of China, even within a single city, know yourself, and know your offer, be it in products or services. Guppy's analysis will help many to get to success for years to come."


Geoff Raby
Former Australian Ambassador to China 
Independent ASX company director, Chairman, Geoff Raby and Associates


"Daryl Guppy's book is a rich repository of behavioural observations, nuances and understandings which are fundamental to building the all-important relationships and trust that drive successful engagement with the Chinese. Anyone looking to engage successfully with the Chinese would benefit greatly from exploring the insights which shape the 'deep seated' perceptions of the Chinese people."


Hon. Andrew Robb AO
Former Minister for Trade and Investment and 
architect of the China Australia Free Trade Agreement




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