Former Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou visits SRCIC Beijing office
26 Apr 2019

On 26 April, former Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou visited the SRCIC Beijing office at the invitation of SRCIC Chairman Lu Jianzhong and met with representatives of Chinese government agencies and enterprises.


Guests attending the event included Wu Hailong, President of Chinese People's Institute of Foreign Affairs (CPIFA), Wu Zhengping, President of Foreign Trade Development Board of Ministry of Commerce of People's Republic of China, Ye Cheng, member of CPPCC and President of Landbridge Group, Wu Guodi, Chairman of the China International Energy Corporation, Li Zhonghang, Vice Chairman and Secret General of SRCIC, Li Kelang, President of Hunan Culture & Art Industrial Group and Wang Hongbo, Vice President of Beijing Tangshan Enterprise Chamber of Commerce.


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Group photo


H.E George Papandreou emphasized in the speech that under the background of rising tide of anti-globalization and protectionism, China and Europe shall work together to uphold the basic norms of international relations such as multilateralism and free trade, and to improve the global governance mechanism, and shall also  work as pivotal forces for safeguarding the world peace and stability and for promoting the progress of all mankind. Moreover, the countries and regions shall utilize the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) as an important platform.


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Former Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou delivering the speech


Chairman Lu Jianzhong briefed in the speech about Eurasia-China Business Summit in Athens, co-organized by SRCIC, the Economist and Greek-Eurasian Business Council in October 2017. He stressed that SRCIC is willing to join hands with the commercial and industrial communities of all countries to focus on the key points and work hard to perfect the details. “SRCIC will always take the projects cooperation as its task, develop cultural exchanges as the duty, and make contribution to the high-quality transition of BRI. " Chairman Lu added.


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SRCIC Chairman Lu Jianzhong delivering the welcome speech


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SRCIC Chairman Lu Jianzhong presenting the gift to H.E George Papandreou


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H.E George Papandreou inscribing words for SRCIC