Main Fairs and Exhibitions in Cuba 2021
15 Mar 2021


【About the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba】

The Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba was created on February 1, 1963. The Chamber was seen as an effective instrument to contribute to the search for new markets, support the great reorganization of foreign trade, and to enable business relationships with other countries.


【Fairs & Exhibitions】

Nowadays, fairs and exhibitions have become an essential component of Cuba’s commercial and business scene. Below are some of the fairs and exhibitions to be held in Cuba in 2021.


February     International Book Fair 

March         International Agricultural Fair

March          INFORMATICA 2021 - 18th   

                    International IT Convention & Fair

April            International Hotel Trade Fair                             

May             International Tourism Fair

May             International Fair Renewable energy

June            Cubaindustria 2021

June            EXPOMATANZAS

June            EXPOCARIBE

September   International Fair Transport & Logistic  

November    Havana International Trade Fair, FIHAV

December    International Crafts Fair


【Trade & Investment】

Cuba, as an important gateway to South America, enjoys political stability and crucial strategic position. The country is rich in agriculture, fishery and tourism resources, bringing great potential for development. On the website of Procuba you can find the portfolio of investment opportunities and the Cuban exportable offer.


【Mariel Special Development Zone (MSDZ)】

MSDZ is situated 45km west of Havana and has an area of 465.4km². Since its establishment more than seven years ago, MSDZ has become an important platform for Cuba to attract foreign investment.


Activities and sectors prioritized in the MSDZ:

Biotechnology, development and production of drugs

Containers and Packaging Industry

Renewable energy


Food industry


Telecommunications and Informatics

Tourism and Real Estate

Investments in Infrastructure


For more information, please visit  or download Business with Cuba.