New China-Europe freight train route connecting Xiangxiang and Moscow launched
1 Dec 2022


A China-Europe freight train full of containers departed from Xiangxiang City in China's Hunan Province Tuesday, heading towards Moscow, marking the first China-Europe freight train launched by Xiangxiang City, opening a new chapter in Xiangxiang's deep integration into the Belt and Road construction, reported local newspaper Xiangtan Daily.


The train carried lamps, wooden hangers, stationery and other goods, with a total value of about 1.096 million U.S.dollars. Through Manzhouli port, it will finally arrive at Moscow's Vorsino station in about 22 days, traveling about 10,296 kilometers.


After opening of this freight train,various products of Xiangxiang City will be continuously launched into the international market, which not only helps deepen pragmatic cooperation and people-to-people exchanges between Xiangxiang and countries along B&R routes, but also improves the resilience of the industrial chain and supply chain of Xiangxiang City.


Xiangxiang will take the opportunity to further strengthen trade with countries and regions along B&R routes, and expand more space for local enterprises to go out, according to the newspaper report. 


Source: Belt and Road Portal