SRCIC Chairman Lu Jianzhong meets Mayor of Zhangjiajie City
27 May 2019

On May 27, a delegation led by Zhangjiajie City Mayor Liu Ge'an visited Tang West Market in Xi’an City. Lu Jianzhong, SRCIC Chairman, Board Chairman of the Tang West Market Group met with Mayor Liu Ge'an and his delegation. The two sides held the meeting focusing on the project progress of Silk Road Lotus International Cultural Tourist Town in Zhangjiajie City.  


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Chairman Lu Jianzhong (L)and Mayor Liu Ge'an (R)


During the meeting, Chairman Lu Jianzhong expressed admiration to the leadership team of Zhangjiajie Municipal Government for their efficient and pragmatic working style, and pioneering and innovative working ability.


He especially expounded the planning for the Silk Road Lotus International Cultural Tourist Town and stressed the significance of the international Chinese medicine health care center landing in Zhangjiajie City.


He said that the two sides should put Zhangjiajie's development strategy in priority and rely on its unique tourist and cultural resources to actively introduce high-quality resources, making this project an international brand.


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Mayor Liu Ge'an expressed that the Silk Road Lotus International Cultural Tourist Town is the largest investment project for Zhangjiajie City. He claimed that the Town will be a comprehensive cultural and tourist spot with huge benefits and international influence.


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Silk Road Lotus International Cultural Tourist Town is located in Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Province. It is the largest cultural and tourist project of the city covering 225.8 hectares and over RMB 35 billion investment. The project will contain Silk Road International Trade Center, International Art Exchange Center, Shopping Center, Art Central Business District and Central Ecological Living Center. A series of IP activities such as Silk Road City Alliance Forum, Silk Road International Cultural Tourist Summit, and Silk Road International Cultural Festival, and Silk Road International Arts Festival will also be launched.


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