Urgent Protective Materials for Italian Hospitals
20 Mar 2020


Dear SRCIC colleagues,


Italy has just surpassed China for the most number of deaths related to coronavirus, making it the world's deadliest center of the outbreak.Due to serious shortage of medical supplies,doctors and nurses have been working without proper protection. Up to 2629 professionals were infected by March 18, accounting for 8.3% of the total infected population.


A 57-year-old doctor, Marcello Natali, who tested positive for coronavirus and who was working in a hospital in the town of Codogno has died. In one of the last interviews he gave before he was tested for COVID-19, he told Euronews that he had had to work without gloves: "They have run out," he said.


Italy is like Wuhan a few weeks ago. The medical professionals need our help. If you are willing to donate facial masks and other protective materials, please contact the Neuromed Foundation as listed in the Request Form of Donation of Urgent Protective Materials for Italian Hospitals.


Materials needed:

Surgical mask/100 000 pieces; FFP2 mask/250 000 pieces; FFP3 mask/250 000 pieces


Italian Contact:

Alessio Pietracupa Tel:+39 333 6736462 Email:


Chinese Contact:

Yapeng Ou Wechat: yap505288 Email:


Request Form of Donation of Urgent Protective Materials