Keynote Speech of Mr. Abdel Ghani Kabbara at 2017 Xi’an Silk Road Business Summit
8 Sep 2017


Keynote Speech


Mr. Abdel Ghani Kabbara

Advisor to the Prime Minister of Lebanon


Xi'an, China

8 September 2017


Ladies and gentlemen,


It is an honor for me to stand before you today, and be part of this enlightening conference and exceptional crowd.


For the past few months, I have been involved in my capacity as Advisor to the Lebanese Prime Minister, in serious discussions between the Lebanese officials and their Chinese counterparts over issues of mutual cooperation. And I have to acknowledge how impressed and thrilled we are by the level of openness and enthusiasm we have witnessed during the meetings. The Chinese positive approach to international relations has in fact created a dynamic environment that gives Lebanon the opportunity to be a key player in the region, whether it is in the Belt and Road Initiative or the reconstruction of Syria and Iraq prospects. With a modern and unique school in foreign policy, China has created an unmatched approach that alleviates tension in a boiling world and fosters economic prosperity and growth. This policy falls right into place with the efforts of the current Lebanese cabinet to neutralize Lebanon and establish a safe and stable political environment while promoting a sustainable economy.


The logical outcome of all of the above is therefore working towards moving the Sino-Lebanese relations from the phase of positive intentions and MOUs to the execution phase with clear plans and deliverables for the short, medium, and long terms.


Ladies and gentlemen, for thousands of years, Lebanon, this small country at the crossroad of the Mediterranean basin and the Arabian Peninsula, has been home to more than ten civilizations that shaped its social, cultural, economic, and political structures.


Thestrategic geographical location, unique political system, resilient open economy, and diversified cultural heritage make out of Lebanon an attractive destination for foreigners. Today, the government has introduced a series of incentives and regulatory infrastructure to enhance the investment climate and invite the local and foreign private sector to take part of the various investment opportunities available. We truly believe that the time is ripe to build onour competitive edge as a country and partner with China in its efforts to connect the worldthrough the Silk Road Initiative, and be ready for the reconstruction of Syria and Iraq in the near future. Our arms are extended to our fellow Chinese to choose our country as ahomefor their investments and benefit from our various incentives and facilities, of which I can name a few:


  1. The IPC Oil Refinery
  2. The Tripoli Special Economic Zone - TSEZ
  3. The Rashid Karami International Fairground
  4. The René Mouawad Airport (RMA)
  5. The Port of Tripoli
  6. Lebanon-Syria Railway Link


All details about the above-mentioned facilities are provided to you in the 2017 Investment and Business Guide.


I do not wish to take more of your time; I would like to conclude by stressing on the underlying opportunity that stands before us today.


By joining the Chinese know-how and immense capabilities, and our attractive investment climate, we are creating a true partnership, one that would benefit both countries and build the foundation of a long- lasting mutual cooperation in countless areas.