SRCIC members attend the CPC and World Political Parties Summit
9 Jul 2021


On July 6, 2021, the Communist Party of China (CPC) and World Political Parties Summit was held via video link. Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee and Chinese president, attended the summit in Beijing and delivered a keynote speech. In his speech titled Strengthening Cooperation Among Political Parties to Jointly Pursue the People's Wellbeing, Xi stressed that political parties, as an important force behind human progress, need to set the right course forward and shoulder their historic responsibility to ensure the people's well-being and pursue human progress. He also pointed out that the CPC stands ready to work with world political parties to be builders of world peace, advocates for global development, and guardians of the international order.



Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee and Chinese president, delivers a keynote speech (Source: Xinhua News Agency)


The cloud summit gathered leaders of more than 500 political parties and organizations from over 160 countries. Political parties from 100-plus countries set up nearly 200 venues in their home countries to organize their representatives to attend the summit.


SRCIC members including the Philippine Silk Road International Chamber of Commerce (PSRICC), Chinese Southeast European Business Association (CSEBA), Arab-Chinese Cooperation and Development Association, Office of Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China, Silk Road Association Alliance members including Latin American Centre of Political and Economics Studies of China (CLEPEC), Malaysian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China, and SRCIC partner  Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Eastern Asia (Beijing) attended the summit.


Francis Chua, Vice Chairman of SRCIC and Chairman of the PSRICC pointed out that this year marks the centenary the CPC. For 100 years, the mission of the CPC has been to bring prosperity to the Chinese people. Through decades of arduous struggle, the CPC has achieved one victory after another, profoundly changing the history and destiny of China. The PSRICC is willing to promote the cooperation between the Philippine business community and China. “When we communicate with countries around the world, we will tell them that China is a country that values peace, a country that cares about its people and its neighbors, a country that keeps its word and walks by its word. We will tell the world about China's efforts in promoting global peace and development. That's what we at the PSRICC are doing, and we want to continue to tell good stories about China,”Chua said.



The image above is President Xi Jinping delivering a keynote speech. The image below, at left, is President Duterte's video address to the conference. On the right is the scene at PSRICC.


Mario Rendulić, president of CSEBA said they will convey President Xi’s ideas to the Croatian people in a suitable way. He hoped that the Croatian leaders will have a deeper understanding of the CPC and draw on it to accelerate Croatia's development in all aspects. He then reiterated his willingness to further promote the Belt and Road Initiative in Croatia in the hope of building stronger ties between the two countries.



President of CSEBA Mario Rendulić (R) and President of CSEBA in Asian-Pacific Li Zhenwei (L) attending the online meeting



President of Arab-Chinese Cooperation and Development Association Kassem Tofailli (the first row from left) attending the online meeting



Chief Representative of Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Eastern Asia(Beijing) Ivan A.Izotov attending the meeting


Bekar, representative of Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China, congratulated on the success of the CPC and World Political Parties Summit. He expressed heartfelt congratulations on CPC's centenary and wished China continuous progress and development. He said that from the perspective of history, the period of 100 years is very short. But within such a short time frame, Chinese people managed to make unprecedented achievements under the leadership of the CPC. China is an important strategic partner of Georgia, and the two countries enjoy a time-honored friendship and close cooperation, which he hoped to continue to deepen and develop in the years to come.


Source: People's Daily and SRCIC members